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Experience the fragrance of rubber, the tight feeling wearing it on your skin and my touches which reach you at any place of your body and even increase your rubber feelings! Experience how it is to get used by me... 

You put on the rubber suit, the rubber gloves and socks, then I put the mask on your head - a vacuum mask or one of my many masks - maybe even a gas mask, I'll connect the breathing tube and feel the fascination of this lustful material! Locked into my double-walled, inflatable rubber bag where the rubber is pressed to your body so tightly, maybe tied up in different ways and maybe even deprived of your senses so that you only can feel RUBBER, feel and smell... Maybe you will experience me with gas mask or another mask, then the filthy game in rubber can start...

Also extended stay sessions in rubber are possible. E. g. an overnight stay in rubber, tied up, after I used you as a rubber slave or rubber servant, after I used you the way I wanted to *SMile*... 


This litte report about an inflatable mask is in German - if you speak both, English and German, and you translate this report for me, I'll appreciate it! 


Lady Felicitas hatte mir bereits angekündigt, dass sie eine neue Maske hat - dass dies keine “normale” Maske war sollte ich kurze Zeit später erfühlen und erfahren...

Lady Felicitas setzte mir behutsam, aber bestimmend die Maske auf, rückte die Augenpartie zurecht – die Augen waren hier mit “Sichtgläsern” versehen, die leider keine ungetrübte Sicht zuließen. ”Den hier musst du in den Mund nehmen”, es war die Rede von einem Schlauch, durch den die Luftzufuhr geregelt wurde.

Ich nahm ihn auf, “nuckelte” genüsslich darauf herum, als schon der Reißverschluss am Hinterkopf geschlossen wurde. Die Maske fühlte sich sehr bequem und dick an. Erst jetzt dämmerte mir, was das für eine Maske war...

...”pffffffffffffffffffftt”... hörte ich noch, als auf einmal Luft in die Maske geblasen wurde. Schneller als mir lieb war pumpte sich die Maske erbarmungslos wohl zur vollen Größe auf. Dabei presste sie sich dermaßen an mein Gesicht, dass der Luftschlauch sich gnadenlos in mein Maul zwängte und erst im Rachenraum zum Stillstand kam. Ein Rausstoßen des Schlauchs war NICHT möglich. Reden war ebenso unmöglich da der Rest der Maske schonungslos meine Gesichtsform umschloss und keinen Millimeter nachgab. Hören ging nur mit enormer Konzentration auf die Außenwelt, vertreten durch Lady Felicitas.

Lady Felicitas saß mittlerweile auf Ihrem Thron, begutachtete ihr Werk und meinte ”gut siehst Du aus”. Ich antwortete mit einem “chhhhht”, mehr bekam ich leider nicht zustande, da der Schlauch lang und hart war, so dass er auf die Zunge drückte und ein Sprechen verhinderte.

“Komm, schau dich im Spiegel an”, meinte sie. Ich trat vor den Spiegel und sah nur schemenhaft (bedingt durch die getrübten Gläser) ein mir fremdes Wesen mit einem großen Ballonkopf mit einer abgeflachten Gesichtsfront.

Fasziniert und fassungslos starrte ich mein Gegenüber an...

“Dann komm mal zu mir” hallte es von irgend woher, ich drehte mich rum und bewegte mich unsicher zu Lady Felicitas, die immer noch auf ihrem Thron Audienz hielt.

Es begann ein Abend und ein “Spiel” das ich so schnell nicht mehr vergessen würde...




Vakuumbett in Überlänge 2,40 m x 1 m




Are you...

  • ...a beginner?
  • experienced slave?
  • ...a rubber fetishist?
  • ...a maid or slave girl?
You don't have much or no experience in BDSM at all? That's not an obstacle, on the contrary! I love it to introduce beginners to the fascinating, bizarre world, to educate and train them, individually, according to their passions. It doesn't matter if you are a masochist, a humble slave or a maid, if you love rubber - or maybe all together.
As an experienced slave you'll meet an experienced Mistress who is living her passion playing with you. Pure BDSM-Sessions are possible, just as well as pure rubbersessions. Of course a mixture of both will be wonderful, too! I have lovely things for you, things that will torture you - either physical or psychic. Pain doesn't have to be only physical *SMile*! My deep green eyes look into your's with a devlish sparkling and while you still reply my smile a delicious pain sears your body… oh, that is possible without any marks, of course!
my rubber equipment is a real big one, e.g. I have an inflatable rubber body bag, rubber outfit in size M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL and much more.I will use you - as my humble rubber slave, my rubber bitch, my rubber servant - or you simply enjoy to feel rubber on your skin - tied up and unable to move at all..
I'll put on make-up and a wig, you'll walk like a woman, you'll dress like a woman. And you'll be used like a slave girl - or a maid. And I'll do to you whatever I feel like doing to you *SMile*...
  • Special: Bondage - tied up, left and forgotten +

    Bondage is one of the practices I love to do within sessions. But it doesn't always have to be a session you can experience that...

    You visit me, you'll be tied up unable to move at all and then I let you lie there all the time. I'm busy doing something else, it's not your business what I'm doing! Maybe I'll check for you sometimes, but only when I feel like torturing you for a short time - and then let you alone again! Possible duration: 2 - 5 hours. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Special: You as a WOMAN - we go shopping! +

    You love to be feminized? You want to experience a special thrill? Then come shopping with me - e.g. KaDeWe Berlin or in any other big store. You'll look exactly like a woman, make-up, wig, clothes, heels. And you are going to fulfill my spontaneous wishes and ideas!

    There was someone who did have the courage to come shopping with me! And there is a report about this - in German - you can find it here "Feminisierung" ...

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Special: eMail-Education +

    What is that? It is some kind of an interactive erotic story in which you get orders from me to fulfil and after having fulfilled my order you send me a mail that you did what I told you to do in a quite detailed way. You are going to get orders which match exactly with your individual passions, orders no one else got before or will get. More details only This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • Special: Session starts at the door +

    As long as I don't know you yet there has to be a talk before our session starts. To start a session right at the door usually is only possible when we have already met and talked before.

    Anyway there is the opportunity to download and print a questionnary on which you check the boxes for those things that are about you and use the free lines to write more about you. You hand me out that questionnary when you arrive in my studio.

    This questionnary is not to be seen as a wish list with garanteed fulfilling. It is the basic for the start of the session right at the door when we haven't met and talked before.

    Here you can download the questionnary as a PDF-file: 


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are possible  

from Monday to Friday by prior arrangement, ideally 1 - 2 days before, by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For same day appointments: no chance!




This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mistress since 2004

Location Studio

Dominance in the southern part of Berlin