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About me

Rubber and BDSM are my world. BDSM practically has been accompanying me a lifetime, rubber fetish came a little later. The acting out of power, domination and sadism, the enjoyment and the pleasure to make you suffer, and to submit yourself to me. My imagination and fantasy that never end...

BDSM takes place between people who must be on the same wavelength. To find out if your and my wavelength match we conduct a preliminary talk before our session starts. Here you have the opportunity to tell me about your experiences and fantasies, just as your taboos.

Everyone is different, inasmuch I treat you individually, always with the aim of our session that we both enjoy it and have fun with it. A preliminary talk may also be quite short (it varies from short to longer) because I have the talent to capture your essence intuitively. The first time, the preliminary talk is inevitable, but if we know each other a little better it could happen to you that I already start our game right at the door!

Are you...

  • ...a beginner?
  • experienced slave?
  • ...a rubber fetishist?
  • ...a maid or slave girl?
You don't have much or no experience in BDSM at all? That's not an obstacle, on the contrary! I love it to introduce beginners to the fascinating, bizarre world, to educate and train them, individually, according to their passions. It doesn't matter if you are a masochist, a humble slave or a maid, if you love rubber - or maybe all together.
As an experienced slave you'll meet an experienced Mistress who is living her passion playing with you. Pure BDSM-Sessions are possible, just as well as pure rubbersessions. Of course a mixture of both will be wonderful, too! I have lovely things for you, things that will torture you - either physical or psychic. Pain doesn't have to be only physical *SMile*! My deep green eyes look into your's with a devlish sparkling and while you still reply my smile a delicious pain sears your body… oh, that is possible without any marks, of course!
my rubber equipment is a real big one, e.g. I have an inflatable rubber body bag, rubber outfit in size M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL and much more.I will use you - as my humble rubber slave, my rubber bitch, my rubber servant - or you simply enjoy to feel rubber on your skin - tied up and unable to move at all..
I'll put on make-up and a wig, you'll walk like a woman, you'll dress like a woman. And you'll be used like a slave girl - or a maid. And I'll do to you whatever I feel like doing to you *SMile*...


are possible  

from Monday to Friday by prior arrangement, ideally 1 - 2 days before, by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For same day appointments: no chance!




This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mistress since 2004

Location Studio

Dominance in the southern part of Berlin